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Our History

Inauguration drinksDr Nupur Hackwood (pictured on extreme left) graduated with her dental degree in 1985 (Honours) and always dreamt of owning and operating her own practice to allow her to implement her very high standards in patient care.

The opportunity arose in early 2005 when highly regarded Cleveland dentists Drs Godfrey and Wallis decided to sell their small, one chair, dental practice in Redland Bay which had been operating for over 20 years.  She commenced operations on 29 July 2005 trading as Redland Bay Dental Surgery - Toothwise.  So Redland Bay Dental Surgery has been servicing local residents for around 30 years.

Within twelve months of Nupur's ownership, the practice became so busy, mainly through word of mouth, that she had to expand to two dental rooms.  In 2008 due to continued high demand from her growing number of wonderful patients, Nupur had to expand once more to 4 rooms by extending into the premises next door and now employs two other full time dentists, a hygienist and approximately ten other support staff.

In addition to her basic dental degree, Dr Nupur Hackwood also has a specialist degree in Paediatric Dentistry graduating with Distinction from the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand in 1988.  Her love of dentistry did not stop there as she continued her dental education by completing a further 3 year PhD programme in New Zealand.  She has worked in Dental Universities in New Zealand, Iowa (USA) and in Sendai (Japan).  Dr Hackwood was appointed Head of Quality in Dentistry at the University in Singapore and worked there to implement numerous quality improvement projects for 2 years.  She also worked as a private practitioner in a country practice near Shepparton Victoria and in Victoria Point in the Redlands before starting her own practice. [click here to see more about Nupur's career]

Nupur loves attending continuing education seminars implementing well tried and tested new ideas, concepts and materials in her practice providing up to date dental services to her patients.  In fact she has now enrolled in an intensive 2 year training seminar programme with Progressive Orthodontics that teach Individual Patient Appliances which considerably reduces treatment time.

Nupur's rigorous training as a dentist but more so as a specialist dealing with apprehensive children, gave her the insight and ability to extend her experiences and techniques in managing difficult children to treating adult patients with dental anxieties, fear and severe phobias.  We were actually the first practice to emphasise our special interest in helping phobic and apprehensive patients to access general dental care in the Redlands.   We are pleased for Redlands residents that other practices in this area have since followed our lead. [click here to open our Dental Phobia page]

Why we chose the name Toothwise?

Toothwise logo

Our registered business name and registered trademark is Toothwise with the owl perched on the toothbrush.  The owl is synonomous with wisdom and reflects our vision which is "wise with teeth ...  teeth for life".  The brush reflects our focus on prevention and good oral hygiene, hence the name Toothwise.






Our Practice

Toothwise Yellow Room surgery Jenna in our Toothwise Reception area Toothwise Red Room surgery
Toothwise Plum Room surgery Toothwise Play Room for our youngest patients Toothwise Green Room surgery












We have four modern surgeries, equipped with patient chair side monitors, inta oral cameras, digital X-Rays and state of the art comfortable dental chairs.   We also have a consultation room for in depth discussions of treatment plans with patients, children's room, well equipped laboratory and central sterilising room.  We also have faciilities to take our own OPG (full jaw) X-Ray images.

Our reception area is manned by up to three senior well trained and very experienced practice co-ordinators.  We are equiped with HiCaps which allows for instant processing of your accounts via your Health Fund including Medicare rebates for those under the EPC/Teen Dental programme.  Our reception area has a varied collection of light reading books and numerous patients have complimented us on the great selection we have and even come in a little early to sit and read.

Our in house music has been carefully selected to blend into the relaxing environment we want to provide for our patients.  We have a courtesy vanity area so you can brush your teeth before your appointment and freshen up before leaving.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Dental care is our profession, but caring for you is our passion

Our Vision

Wise with teeth … Teeth for life

Our Values

Genuine care, operational excellence, extraordinary service, new materials & innovative technologies to deliver quality, gentle dental care









Quality of Care

Staff training on new dental software at ToothwiseAt Toothwise, we strive to continuously improve the quality of care delivered to patients by all members of staff.  Both clinical and non clinical indicators such as patient feedback on delivery of care from the time they make contact to the time they leave, unplanned returns following dental treatment, waiting times, appointment scheduling issues, are tracked to drive process improvements continuously.  Continous quality improvement (CQI) is achieved via weekly staff meetings discussing process issues and report findings highlighting areas for improvement.

Continuing education and staff training on product knowledge are high in the priority of delivery of quality care to patients. Dentists are expected to attend professional continuing education courses and seminars delivered by local, interstate, or overseas speakers so as to keep up to date with new technologies and materials in the delivery of dental care to our patients.

Support staff attend courses on practice management subjects ranging from how to provide good service to patients, telephone skills, dental association meetings and infection control training programs.

Infection Control

Toothwise Steri Room

A very stringent level of infection control based on the guidelines recommended by The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and the Australian Dental Association (ADA) is in place at Toothwise.  At Toothwise, we have fully trained dental assistants who monitor and control all autoclaving and sterilising procedures to ensure that patients and staff are always in a safe environment and not exposed to risks of cross contamination or infection.

Maintaining the highest possible level of cleanliness and infection control is our goal.  Universal precautions are used at all times. This means that the same stringent precautions/procedures for infection control are followed for every patient thereby minimising any infection risks in the practice.  We have the latest recommended B class autoclaves, which have pre and post vacuum cycles to ensure sterilization of instruments including the hollow ones. Routine daily, weekly, monthly and annual tests are conducted on the autoclaves to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Between patients, the surgery is cleaned and prepared using specified protocols as recommended by the NHMRC and ADA.  Barrier sheaths are used on surfaces likely to be contaminated and this is changed between each patient, the dental chair and exposed console areas are wiped down between patients.  Bagged instruments with indicator labels showing sterility of instruments are used for each patient and tracked as well.  What is not sterilizable is disposed for your protection.

Regular weekly meetings occur to address any issues relating to infection control and any other matters that relate to the flow of the practice.  Infection control is foremost our priority.


Intra Oral camera image at Toothwise

Intra Oral Camera is a tiny video camera, that looks like a pen.  It can easily be moved around inside your mouth to allow you and the dentist/hygienist to see the condition of each tooth and your gums directly on your chairside monitor.  The intra oral camera allows us to freeze and store images to your electronic patient file.  You are able to see for yourself the condition of your teeth, fillings, crowns and gums rather than having the dentist describe this for you.  As often said a picture is worth a thousand words!

Digital X-rays and the OPG X-ray machine - Digital X-ray technology is in use at the practice which allows for instant X-ray images to be seen on the computer screen. Exposure to radiation is reduced considerably using digital technolgy making X-rays a very safe procedure.  Furthermore the images can be saved as part of the patient's permanent dental records, retrieved easily, zoomed to check specific areas and easily emailed to specialists should you need a referral.



OPG Digital X-ray taken at Toothwise

OPG digital X-ray at ToothwiseWe have invested substantially in a Digital OPG machine to facilitate taking X-ray images of your entire mouth which also appear instantly on a computer screen allowing your dentist and you to make joint decsions on your overall dentaltreatment plan instantly.

Caesey Patient Education screen shot

The Caesy Patient Education DVD is available for viewing in the waiting room and this is a valuable tool for educating our patients on numerous dental procedures from sealants to implants. A common response from patients is "It is amazing what they can do these days" and for others it is the first time they have seen how procedures are explained and performed.  This helps them better understand the reasons and need for the dental procedures that dentist recommend to them.

Screen shot of EXACT digital patient chart at ToothwiseOur practice is fully computerised which makes retrieval of records by authorised personnel, record keeping, continuing care recalls, scheduling of patients and other office procedures very quick and easy reducing waiting time for patients.

We use the specialised Dental software EXACT which allows us to instantly access details of your medical history and dental treatment - past, present and future and instantly access intraoral X- Rays, OPG X-rays as well as intra-oral camera shots taken at this practice.  Your information is visible to you from your own patient chairside monitor.

Before & After Zoom treatment courtesy of Zoom

Zoom teeth whitening whitens your teeth in just 90 minutes.

Zoom machine courtesy of Zoom

SMS reminders if needed are available
to our patients.
SMS reminders are available at Toothwise

Nitrous Oxide is available upon requestNitrous Oxide equipment at Toothwise

HiCaps Logo

The HiCaps system is available which allows on the spot  Electronic Claims Processing to most Health Insurers.  See the HiCaps website for participating health funds or insurers.

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New treatment technology options that provide real benefit to the patient are continually evaluated and incorporated into our practice. 

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