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Owner & Principal Dentist

Dr Nupur Hackwood (Owner & Principal Dentist)Dr. Nupur Hackwood (MDS, PhD)

Owner and Principal Dentist

Local Redland Bay resident

- BDS (Honours) 1985

- MDS (Distinction) (Univ of Otago, NZ) 1988

- PhD (Univ of Otago, New Zealand) 1993

- ADC (Australian Dental Council) 1998

- POS (Orthodontics) 2012

- Cert IV Training and Assessment 2014

Nupur lives locally and enjoys the beautiful Redlands environment and relaxed lifestyle and can often be seen walking her Australian Terrier in the area.  Nupur likes gardening, bushwalking, travel and photography amongst other interests.

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Dr Philip Chou

Dr. Philip Chou (BDSc, Qld)


with Toothwise since 2008

- BDSc 2007

- POS (Orthodontics) 2015












Hygienist & Therapist

Katie Martens

Katie Martens BOralH

Hygienist & Therapist

with Toothwise since 2009

- BOralH 2008













Mishal Rajmal Hygienist

Mishal Rajmal (ADOH, Adelaide)


with Toothwise since 2015











Our Team

Toothwise Team


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Curriculum vitae


Orthodontic Training IP Orthodontic Training Seminars 2010 - 2012 Current
A.D.C. Australian Dental Council, ADC 1998 Registration exam
Ph.D. Univ. of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand 1993 Dentistry
M.D.S. (Distinction) Univ. of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand 1988 Paediatric Dentistry
B.D.S (Honours) Univ. of Calcutta, India 1985 General Dentist






July ’05 onwards Owner of Redland Bay Dental Surgery - Toothwise Redland Bay, QLD
Mar 2004-June 2005 Employee Dentist Victoria Point, QLD
Feb 2002-Feb 2004 Head, Quality Improvement Department National Dental Centre (NDC) Singapore
Feb 2002-Feb 2004 Senior Registrar, General Dentistry National Dental Centre (NDC) Singapore
May 2000-Oct 2001 Redlands Gentle Dental Care Victoria Point, QLD
2000-2010 Clinical Privileges for GA sessions Sunnybank & Redlands Private Hosp, QLD
Feb 2001-Oct 2001 Tutor (part-time) in Paediatric Dentistry Dental Hospital, QLD University
Aug 1998-May 2000 Employee Dentist Shepparton, VIC
Jan 1999-Nov 1999 Employee Dentist Seymour, VIC
July 1998-Aug 1998 Employee Dentist Melbourne, VIC
Jan 1998-July 1998 ADC refresher course and exam University of Melbourne
May 1997-Dec 1997 Health Research Director Wellington, New Zealand
Aug 1995-Feb 1997 Dental Research Scientist Tohoku University, Japan
1993 - 1995 Dental Research Scientist Health Research Council, Wellington, NZ
1993 - 1994 Research Consultant University of Iowa, USA
1993 Paediatric Dentistry (PhD) Univ. of Otago, New Zealand
1988 Master Of Dental Surgery - MDS (Distinction)

Univ. of Otago, New Zealand

1985 Bachelor Of Dental Surgery - BDS (Honours) Calcutta, India


Post-Doctoral 1996 Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship (6 mo)
1996 Monbusho (Japan) Grant-in-aid Award for Research Equipment
1995 Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship (12 mo)
1995 NZ Dental Research Foundation Board Award for NMR work
1994 Health Research Council (HRC) NZ Post-Doctoral Fellowship
1994 HRC Young Investigator's Conference Travel Award to Seattle
1993 Colgate Palmolive Conference Travel Award to Chicago
1993 Visiting Research Fellowship, University of Iowa, U.S.A.
1993 NZ Dental Research Foundation Board Travel Award to Japan
1992 Health Research Council NZ Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Ph.D. 1989 NZ University Grants Committee Postgraduate Scholarship
1989 NZ Dental Research Foundation Board Project Grant
M.D.S. 1989 Colgate Palmolive Conference Travel Award to Sydney
1988 Degree awarded with Distinction in Paediatric Dentistry
B.D.S. 1981-1985 Gold medal for excellence in Dentistry
Distinctions in Physiology, Medicine, and Surgery
Colgate-Palmolive (India) Scholarship Award
Dr B. Mukherjee Silver Medal Award
J.N. Tata Endowment Travel Award to New Zealand
Vivek Memorial Medal in Dentistry
Year 12 1980 Higher Secondary School Certificate with Distinction
Year 10 1978

Secondary School Certificate with Distinction, Ranked 10th in State

1978 Merit Scholarship, Certificate of Proficiency


Guha-Chowdhury N, Clark AG, Sissons CH (1997). Inhibition of purified enolases from oral bacteria by fluoride.  Oral Microbiology and Immunology 12 : 91-97.

Guha-Chowdhury N, Iwami Y, Yamada T (1997).  Effect of low levels of fluoride on proton excretion and intracellular pH in glycolysing streptococcal cells under strictly anaerobic conditions. Caries Research, 31:373-377.

Iwami Y, Guha-Chowdhury N, Yamada T (1997).  Mechanism of inhibition of acid production in Streptococcus mutans by sodium ions under strictly anaerobic conditions. Oral Microbiology and Immunology, 12:178-182.

Iwami Y, Guha-Chowdhury N, Yamada T (1997).  Effect of sodium and potassium ions on intracellular pH and proton excretion in glycolyzing cells of Streptococcus mutans 10449 under strictly anaerobic conditions. Oral Microbiology and Immunology, 12 : 77-81.

Guha-Chowdhury N, Iwami Y, Yamada T (1997).  Effect of fluoride and chlorhexidine on proton excretion and intracellular pH in glycolysing streptococcal cells under strictly anaerobic conditions.  Submitted to Oral Microbiology and Immunology, January 1997.

Guha-Chowdhury N, Drummond BK, Smillie AC (1996).  Total fluoride intake in children aged 3-4 years-A longitudinal study.  Journal of Dental Research 75:1451-1457.

Guha-Chowdhury N (1996).  Diet of 3 and 4 year olds in Dunedin: relevance to dental caries. Pacific Health Dialog 3: 15-19.

Kiritsy M, Levy SM, Warren JJ, Guha-Chowdhury N, Heilman JR, Marshall T (1996).  Assessing fluoride concentrations of juices and juice-flavored drinks.  Journal of the American Dental Association 127:895-902.

Guha-Chowdhury N, Iwami Y, Yamada T (1996).  Proton ATPase activity in permeabilised and glycolysing cells of Streptococcus mutans NCTC 10449 grown under different pH conditions.  Submitted to Journal of Bacteriology, January 1997.

Guha-Chowdhury N, Iwami Y, Pearce EIF, Yamada T (1995).  The effect of Fluorhydroxyapatite-derived fluoride on acid production by streptococci.  Journal of Dental Research 74: 1618-1624.

Pearce EIF, Guha-Chowdhury N, Iwami Y, Cutress TW (1995).  Stoichiometry of fluoride release from fluorhydroxyapatite during acid dissolution.  Caries Research 29: 130-136.

Guha-Chowdhury N (1995).  Phosphorous31 and Carbon13 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance studies of glucose metabolism in streptococcal cells in vivo.  Report to New Zealand Dental Research Foundation Board, July 1995.

Levy SM, Kohout FJ, Guha-Chowdhury N, Kiritsy MC, Heilman JR and Wefel JS (1995). Infants fluoride intake from drinking water alone and from water added to Formula, Beverages and food - A longitudinal study.  Journal of Dental Research 74: 1399-1407.

Levy SM, Guha-Chowdhury N (1995).  Total fluoride intake and implications for dietary fluoride supplementation.  Journal of Public Health Dentistry.

Guha-Chowdhury N, Brown RH, Shepherd MG (1990).  Fluoride Intake of Infants in New Zealand.  Journal of Dental Research 69: 1828-1833.

Guha-Chowdhury N, Drummond BK, Smillie AC. Dietary Fluoride Intake in Children Aged 7-8 Years - Implications for Fluoride Supplementation.  Prepared for Paediatric Dentistry.

Guha-Chowdhury N (1988). Total Fluoride Intake in Children. MDS Thesis.

Guha-Chowdhury N (1992). Factors influencing caries activity in children - A longitudinal study. PhD Thesis.


Calcutta, India, Dec 2007:  Invited Guest Lecturer at Dental School, Kolkata.  ‘Quality Improvement in Dentistry'.

Singapore, Jan 2004:  Annual Scientific Meeting, National Dental Centre.  ‘Audit of emergency after-hours dental care provided at SGH’.

Singapore, Oct 2003: Annual SingHealth Quality Convention.  ‘Patient Safety and Quality Care’.

Sweden, June 2003:  Annual General Meeting of IADR. ‘Implementation of a Quality improvement project at the National Dental Centre, Singapore – Educative and Clinical Outcomes.’

Singapore, Oct 2002: Annual SingHealth Quality Convention.  ‘Quality Improvement at the National Dental Centre: A success story’.

Sendai and Nagoya, Japan  : August 1995 - February 1997.  Series of seminars at Tohoku University, Sendai and at the University of Nagoya, Japan.  "Fluoride Intake of Children Aged 3-4 and 7-8 Years in New Zealand" and  "Computer-Based Image Analysis in Monitoring Caries Activity - Preliminary Software"

Melbourne, September 1994 : 34th Annual General Meeting of IADR.  ‘Correlation between intake of fluoride and other nutrients in Low-and High- caries active children'

Wellington, July 1994 : Annual Biomedical Research Group Meeting.  'Fluorhydroxyapatite-derived fluoride on acid production by bacteria'

Seattle, USA - March 1994 : 72nd General Session and Exhibition of the IADR.  'Effect of FHAp-derived fluoride on acid production by S. mutans’

Dunedin, New Zealand - May 1993 : Annual General Meeting of IADR.  ‘Computer-aided Image Analysis of approximal radiolucencies - Preliminary software'

Chicago, March 1993 : 7lst General Session and Exhibition of the IADR.  'Fluoride intake in children and caries activity - A Longitudinal study'

Adelaide, September 1992 : 32nd Annual General Meeting of IADR. 'Factors affecting caries activity in children'

Dunedin, New Zealand - August 1990 : 30th Annual General Meeting of IADR.  ‘Fluoride Ingestion of Infants on Different Feeding Patterns'

Sydney, December 1989 : Winner of the Colgate Palmolive Travel Award for best paper. 29th Annual General Meeting of IADR.  'Fluoride Intake of Infants in New Zealand'  (Colgate-Palmolive Award Section)

Dunedin, New Zealand - May 1989 : 26th Annual General Meeting of IADR.  'Fluoride Intake of Infants in New Zealand'



Japanese Society for Promotion of Science (Aug 1995-Feb 1997)

The effect of fluoride, sodium, potassium and chlorhexidine on proton excretion (proton-ATPase) and intracellular pH in glycolysing oral bacterial cells grown as continuous cultures under strictly anaerobic conditions was examined.  Proton excretion was measured using a pH stat and meter; pHi by BCECF dye method and fluorescent spectrophotometer; carboxylic acids by the CA ionalyser; glycolytic intermediates by spectrophotometric methods; intracellular polysaccharides by iodine assay; ATPase activity was measured in permeabilised cells; inorganic phosphate and glucose measurements were also made.


Health Research Council of New Zealand (May 1994 to July 1995)

The effect of fluoride, phosphate and magnesium ions on the kinetics of the enzyme enolase extracted from caries causing oral bacterial cells was investigated.  Bacterial cells were sonicated and the crude cell extract purified by passing it through an Anion-exchange column followed by a Gel Filtration column. Chromatofocussing techniques were also tried. The purity of the enzyme preparation was checked by SDS-PAGE. The effect of fluoride and phosphate on the kinetics of the purified enzyme was studied. Enzyme activity, and kinetic constants Km, Vmax, and Ki were measured. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) techniques were also used to determine the effects of fluoride on enolase by measuring intracellular levels of glycolytic intermediates in fermenting bacterial cells in vivo.


University of Iowa, USA (Nov 1993 - April 1994)

Consultant for an ongoing 3 year longitudinal study designed to determine and measure fluoride intake in 2000 infants and children from all sources in the state of Iowa.  Longitudinal information on daily dietary intake and exposure to fluoride from water, milk, infant formulas and beverages was collected.  This large study provided a number of challenges in terms of the ongoing collection, entry and management of the data by computer programs.  Advise was provided in refining the questionnaire, statistical handling of the data and presentation and writing of reports.


Health Research Council of New Zealand and

Tohoku University School of Dentistry, Sendai, Japan  (Nov 1992 - Oct 1993)

The effect of fluorhydroxyapatite-derived fluoride on streptococcal acid production was investigated.  Calcium-phosphate minerals with different concentrations of fluoride were synthesised and chemically analysed for Ca by atomic absorption spectrophotometry (AAS), for phosphate by absorption spectrophotometry, and for fluoride by the ion-specific electrode. The apatites were also characterised by X-ray diffraction, TEM, and by Infra-red spectroscopy. The stoichiometry of release of F, Ca and P ions from the different apatites during progressive dissolution in vitro by three different acid mixtures was studied. In addition, the effect of aerobic and strictly anaerobic conditions on the spectrum of organic acids produced by oral streptococci during the fermentation of glucose was examined.  This part of the study was conducted in Japan.  The ability of the acids produced, under the two conditions, to dissolve the various fluoride-containing apatites was examined. Experience was gained in microbiological techniques, anaerobic methods, the measurement of carboxylic acids by HPLC methods, the measurement of intracellular glycolytic intermediates and pH, and some techniques of enzyme assay.

Ph.D. Degree (1989 to 1992)

An investigation on the factors affecting caries activity in children was conducted as a longitudinal study.  A total of 160 children were examined for caries clinically and radiographically for a period of 12 months.  A sensitive method of monitoring caries activity was developed and computerised.  Information on 99 variables including dietary factors, nutritional factors, levels of fluoride intake from diet, toothpaste, and tablets, salivary factors. socio-economic factors, oral hygiene, general health and medications and demographic factors were collected simultaneously during the study period. Statistical methods including bivariate tests and multivariate logistic regression analysis were used to determine which factors affected the development and progression of caries and caries risk models were developed.

Experience was gained in collecting 24 hour duplicate diets and parotid and mixed saliva; analysis of fluoride in diet, saliva and toothpastes; analysis of diet records for essential nutrients such as Ca, P, Mg, Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Vitamins etc using computer programs; taking standardised posterior bite-wing radiographs using individual bite-blocks; recording clinical and radiographic examination data and transferring data to computers; designing and administering questionnaires and the statistical analysis of data.  Developing an Image Analysis system to monitor caries activity was also a major part of the study.

M.D.S. Degree (1987 to 1988)

The Masters degree was undertaken by clinical course work and research on “Levels of Fluoride Intake of Infants in New Zealand”.  The design of the study involved the analysis of 24-hour duplicate diets for fluoride, calculation of amount of fluoride ingested from diet and estimation of fluoride intake from breast-milk, fluoride-tablets, and toothpaste. This study provided information for the first time on the background levels of fluoride intake of infants in NZ. The program also provided a general basis for a scientific approach to research, evaluation of literature, designing research protocols, data collection and the statistical evaluation of results.

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